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Lowe’s Gallery in Atlanta (run by Bill Lowe) is notorious for not paying artists . They were even raided by Police for this in 2015 and have also been sued numerous times by artists whose work they sold and yet didn’t pay. Incredibly, they are still in business…

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  1. La Sala/Royal Cantina at 58 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA


    They take advantage of artists and performers by having them put down a deposit to use the space and charge show goers food and drinks money. If they make enough with the guests, then the artists are not charged for using the space. They do not have a tip jar for the artists and keep all the money for themselves. Diana Beshara (http://www.dianabeshara.com) and her boyfriend run the place. I went there to see a friend perform, they did not specify on their events page that there would be a door fee, so I thought it was a free show. When I got there, Diana kept badgering me to buy a drink, lied about the door fee and started a tip jar for the artists after I inquired about not seeing one. My friend who I went to see perform later on told me that they did not give them any money.

    They only care about the money, and will ruin their own reputation over a non existent $10 door fee.

  2. I had dealings with Bill Lowe around 2012. After ” buttering-me-up, he chose 12 pieces offering me a reduced rate. Needing the money, I said yes, but he would have to wire the money into my account. Once all was clear, I would send the work. Never heard from him again. His gallery has been raid several times. I spoke with 2 artist he represents who said they have not been paid for work sold.

  3. I had dealings with this gallery also. Bill Lowe, after spending hours ‘buttering-me -up” selected 12 pieces he wanted at a very reduced rate. I said once he wires the money into my account and is cleared, I will send him the work. Never heard from him again. This was around 2011 shortly after his gallery was raided by the police. At that time, I called 2 artists on his roster to see what their experience was. They were not paid for the sale of their work. Yes, and he is still in business! He’s a con man.

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