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A reader wrote this – and experience here for anyone else?

LemoArt Gallery in Berlin

Offered to show 6 of my pieces at a 25% commision, (plus an upfront non refundable payment of 440€) for a six month showing (one piece per month). They mentioned this was a special offer and the regularly charge 50 euros per piece per 2 week show., plus the comission on sales.

I was contacted on instagram, and a number of other artists in my circle where also offered this deal. As luck would have it I was in Berlin a week after receiving this email, and I went to see the gallery, and it was closed on both days I dropped in. I didn’t participate with them because I don’t usually pay such large upfront costs, so I have no idea if this is a legit offer. Thoughts?

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  1. Hi there. I wont say much but i was contacted for an exhibtion but the whole process was very unprofessional. When asking me to join they emailed me like clockwork. But right after i paid the fee. The literally went MIA. Its only after me and some of the victim report that we want to go to the berlin police that the owner finally email us back (after the whole excuse of server down. Miracle apparently) take note that she finally reply us like now when the exhibtion is 2 3 weeks away when we have emailed them since months and months ago. So my advise is take caution

  2. Hey, they also contacted with me friend and offered to show her illustrations, but she had to pay 150€ for two pictures and 50€ for each subsequent work. Also they said their brand “Cancan” may make her special-edition cancan work and she can earn money from selling it in future. How to understand it? I watched their sites and I can’s say it’s a gallery. It’s kind of small room where “artistical peope” hang out and discuss newcomer’s arts. In Russia 150€ is my friend’s monthly salary, so we think that it could be sort of scam or something like that.

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