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A reader wrote this – and experience here for anyone else?

LemoArt Gallery in Berlin

Offered to show 6 of my pieces at a 25% commision, (plus an upfront non refundable payment of 440€) for a six month showing (one piece per month). They mentioned this was a special offer and the regularly charge 50 euros per piece per 2 week show., plus the comission on sales.

I was contacted on instagram, and a number of other artists in my circle where also offered this deal. As luck would have it I was in Berlin a week after receiving this email, and I went to see the gallery, and it was closed on both days I dropped in. I didn’t participate with them because I don’t usually pay such large upfront costs, so I have no idea if this is a legit offer. Thoughts?

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  1. I guess I was scammed, too. I was traveling a few months back and got invited to sign the contract, I was in a rush and signed it. I shoudl have an exhibition in a few weeks, no one is replying to my emails, or DM-s or Whatsapp. The Inbox is full. I was scammed. How do you file a claim with the Berlin police? I’m from Croatia.

  2. I paid a 150 euros participation fee and sent my artworks to the gallery. BIG MISTAKE! I should have trusted my instincts. First of all the exhibition I paid to be apart of never took place, and second they won’t return my artworks. Despite having prepaid for delivery service to collect them. I’ve filed a report against them with the police and now after reading all these comments I’m tempted to contact Berlin police as well. I also managed to get my money back by ‘recalling’ the payment sent to the gallery through my bank. I just sent them that it was a transaction to someone comitying fraud. Everyone should try doing this, especially if you didn’t send your artwork

    1. Hi Lily.

      Read your story about this gallery is break my heart.. I also paid the amount of euro. But yes.. Now read all in here, I’ve lost two of my best artworks.. I want my artworks back now, I don’t mind about the amount I had paid, just I want my artworks back..!

      What should I do..?

  3. I just checked back here after my first comment. Thank you so so much for all your replies! I’m going to write a review on facebook and google since I others should be notified of this. Pleased to say when I typed in lemoart gallery this time, this was the top page. Hopefully it will stop others from getting sucked in. How many of you went to the police in the end? And did you get your money back?

  4. Same here, got contacted via instagram, and after a few e-mails I signed a contract. Got suspicious right on time after her e-mails got very irregurarly. I sensed her eagerness on money after not replying my questions but always asking for the money. After the exhibition-date was a few times delayed I didn’t trust it anymore and decided to not participate anymore. After that she treatened me with lawsuits whahaha are you serious??? Found out through friends living in Berlin the so called ‘exhibition’ didn’t take place.

  5. Same here, was contacted via instagram. Olivia pickedthe pieces I had to show. Had to pay 50 euro’s for each piece. After I signed the contract I got suspicious because she began answering mails inconsequent and was eager for money. Didn’t pay and told her that I was withdrawing from the socalled ‘exhibition’ because I didn’t trust her. She was treatening me with lawsuits if I didn’t pay. Whahaaa she and her gallery are a total scam, only in it for the money. The exhibition didn’t take place at all.

  6. I am one of the victims like many of the artists out there who got scammed by this gallery, they target inexperienced artists(mainly overseas) and charge you a thousand euros as a so called promotional fees, they never return your work, never reply your emails, everything they promised in the contract was never fulfilled. Please stay away from these thieves, they are a total shame of humanity.

    1. Hi Michele,
      Did you go to the Berlin police? If not – you should. I can’t believe these people can live with themselves with what they have done to people.

    2. I feel so incredibly shit! I have been emailing them for weeks trying to figure out where my works are. I am a South African student, studying my third year. I am so deeply upset about this

  7. I submitted to one of their ‘open calls’ a while back. Turned out to be one of those competitions where you have to pay €28 for each submission. None of this was ever mentioned in the call. If you’re going to charge artists, at least be upfront about it rather than luring people in and making pay unexpected charges. Definitely avoid this one.

  8. Hi
    Everyone above’s experiences refelcts exactly what happened to me as well. I pulled out of the exhibition, too tired to continue to try and contact them. My biggest fear now is that they might have copies of my art. Most of what I have to say has already been said, but I can just confirm that everyone should stay away from this gallery!

    1. I’m sure they WILL do whatever they want with your art now they have copies of it, they are absolutely shameless. I suggest you keep an eye out there for any online/printing distribution of your art without your consent, I know it’s hard to track, but it’s the least we could do.

  9. This is the most unprofessional and ignorant owner of a gallery! After signing a contract to exhibit 3 Illustrations, she was impossible to get in touch with, didn’t reply on mail, Instagram, Facebook or phone. Tjree weeks before the show she suddenly decided to reach out to me, no prices were ser, no preparations done, no artwork were chosen. I decided to not participate in the exhibition although I did not get a refund. Do not get involved with this gallery! Con artist warning!

    1. Hi! It’s really good to know that I’m not the only one with this experience. I sign the contract for the exhibition that it will take place in 6 days (7 september) and the gallery is always closed and the owner of the gallery doesn’t answer my emails and my calls. I don’t know how can I do. I feel so angry, I paid 200 € !! That is incredible!!!

  10. Hi there. I wont say much but i was contacted for an exhibtion but the whole process was very unprofessional. When asking me to join they emailed me like clockwork. But right after i paid the fee. The literally went MIA. Its only after me and some of the victim report that we want to go to the berlin police that the owner finally email us back (after the whole excuse of server down. Miracle apparently) take note that she finally reply us like now when the exhibtion is 2 3 weeks away when we have emailed them since months and months ago. So my advise is take caution

    1. Artists beware! This ‘art gallery’ does not care about creating good exhibitions and supporting artists, the owner only cares about trying to get artists to pay money to show work and sign a contract that favors the gallery and not the artist. She tries to collect money to show work, and doesn’t market or promote artists as promised, and may not even exhibit the work.

      I was contacted through IG and invited to be in an International Jewelry exhibition. I was sent a contract and told that the owner would help me select work and help price my pieces. She also said she would pack up my pieces if I arranged return shipment of any pieces that didn’t sell.

      I dealt with the gallery owner for several months but here are the main problems, several of which you had: 1) she always promised to send emails explaining the procedure, and answering questions, but after the contract I never received one email. Nothing! She would contact me when she wanted payment, but never to answer questions or assist as indicated in the contract. 2) I contacted other artists who tried to drop off their work and the gallery was never open, so if it’s open at all it doesn’t keep regular hours.
      3) I have no confidence that my work would be returned , or that I would receive payment when it sold. At least three other artists from a past show never got their work back.
      I will not go so far to say that this gallery scams artists, but the owner is unprofessional, does not communicate, and seems only concerned with getting her money. If a gallery is legit, you don’t have to pay them to be in a show!! I feel they are taking advantage of new artists. I have filed a claim against them in Berlin with at least 13 other artists. Please don’t exhibit here!

      1. Hallo, i am experiencing the same things… You know a way to get the money back?
        I will definitely not send them the pieces after this unprofessional behavior the have shown the last week’s..not replying for days and then just saying that they will send an email with information,the email never came..

      2. I’m really sorry to hear what they have done to your art. I got contacted by other artist who had very similar experience, I can’t imagine how many victims are out there feeling helpless. How’s the claim going? I would love to add my name to the claim if you need more victims names.

      3. Hi Shelly..

        I’m from oversea. It’s been a MONTH since I got replied from the gallery.. What should I do?. Read all of artists here, I can’t do much but all I want is two of my artworks..

        Please, what should I do… (??)

      4. Hello,
        I was just about to send my jewelry works to the same “exhibition”…. After reading all these comments and understanding that I ve been scammed, I want to sign this claim too (if possible)

  11. Hey, they also contacted with me friend and offered to show her illustrations, but she had to pay 150€ for two pictures and 50€ for each subsequent work. Also they said their brand “Cancan” may make her special-edition cancan work and she can earn money from selling it in future. How to understand it? I watched their sites and I can’s say it’s a gallery. It’s kind of small room where “artistical peope” hang out and discuss newcomer’s arts. In Russia 150€ is my friend’s monthly salary, so we think that it could be sort of scam or something like that.

    1. Scam scam SCAM!!! Was contacted the same way via instagram. Flew to Berlin for the exhibition. Was not on. They are in for a world of trouble.

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