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A reader posted “I’ve been contacted by the European Cultural Center/ Global Art Foundation to exhibit during Venice Biennale. They asked for a big “sponsorship” for wall space.
The place they exhibit at seemed great (I’m Italian and know Venice quite well) and the list of their sponsors too. I was in doubt wether to search for sponsorship to afford exhibiting with them but I thought I might as well ask first. I’m very new to the art world, maybe other artists have had experience with them.
Thank you so much”

Any other feedback?


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  1. I have just been contacted as well by GAA, did the two people above end up doing it last year? It seems crazy one sculpture for 10-15000 euros? Not including shipping or travel? Please respond if you have any other info about it. Thank you!

  2. This group is doing a fantastic job at bringing artists together from all over the world to explore specific themes. Some very famous artists and well known artists exhibit with them as well as less well known artists. They are very involved with and approved by the Venice Biennale committee, put on symposiums and performance events during the Biennale and during the year and on all the calendars. They advertise heavily (I saw a huge ad at the airport) and attract articles in major publications for some of the individual artists’ exhibitions. These exhibitions attract visitors from all over the world and the artists have great exposure. They do not take commissions for art sales, but refer interested buyers directly to the artist.
    I did exhibit with them and feel it was an honor to be there. This group is very professional, kind and courteous, as well as very intelligent. Venice is an incredible venue with art exhibits all over the city during the Biennale. The cost is high as well as the cost of shipping the artwork and other issues involved. An artist must be motivated to do this and perhaps somewhat entrepreneurial.
    Some artists are represented by a gallery who pays the expenses, while some artists find funding in the form of grants or corporate sponsorships. It is definitely a different experience than showing at a gallery in the United States.

  3. Yes very simple:
    You were contacted; I presume, without ever showing anyone your work. You were asked for money; rent space to pay for a wall, which is money towards paying rent in a tent space, which the person you rent from must profit.
    This is a standard “pick up ” line which plays on your vulnerability and ignorance of this type of business model.
    You are baited not with actually being in the Biennale, but “during” . To use that as some sort of advantage for you is quite obviously a red flag. Use of the word “Global” is another red flag.
    You would be setting yourself up for a monetary loss and some serious disappointment. The added cost of shipping work, and staying somewhere which would be wise during the show is money you could put towards more effective ways of getting known and work sold.

    If you have any doubts about their credibility, you should find an artist who showed with them and hear what they have to say.
    The venue should be able to demonstrate artists who have shown and works they have put into serious collections.

    This is the standard for dealing with any of these type of venues.
    The entire fair scene is run by people with little or no credentials in the field of art, who are passing themselves as credentials and grabbing money from whatever direction they can; artist, or buyer,

    1. Thank you Tim. The only reason why I’m considering this is because they actually have the Venice biennale badge on their sites and I’ve watched the previous exhibitions and seemed legit.
      They also have exhibited during the architecture biennale this year and being an architect I could evaluate the quality of the works shown and they were good.
      My opinion is that they ask emerging artists for money to pay the exhibition of affirmed artists too. Is it something that can happen?

      1. I would be very cautious and talk with at least three artists/architects that have done it before and see if they had a good experience!

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