4 thoughts on “C Emerson Fine Arts”

  1. She has moved to Seattle and is now Phylogeny Contemporary
    My experience with her – She’s very good at staging/hanging a show and she’s good at sales. She returns art promptly (and pays the return shipping) and pays her artist on time.
    She is unfortunately, sometimes moody and paranoid, emotionally erratic and doesn’t trust her artist. To the point where it’s very difficult to work with her.

  2. Yes, I have had dealings with her when she had a studio in St Petersburg, Florida. It was a beautiful gallery space. She inherited this prime location from her parents. She was impossible, insulting to patrons and customers. I invited a well respected studio owner to an opening and she completely dissed the person. I have no idea what she is up to now, I understand she is doing art fairs.

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