Amsterdam Whitney

AN artist said upfront costs for this gallery were in the thousands, any first hand experience with this gallery? Here is one letter I received about this gallery “One gallery in New York, who tried that game on me, is the Whitney International Gallery in Chelsea (Amsterdam Whitney) , New York. I think you should add them to the list. They had a upfront fee and a contract for $2,500. and 60%

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  1. They requested my Portfolio so I sent it in. Because my work is unusual I find it does not fit with every space so I visited their website to see what the gallery looked like. I was not impress and didn’t see how my work would fit. I received rave reviews from the curators in a letter stating they wanted to represent me in their gallery with info. After reading though everything I realized it was a pay to play. I responded with “If I am being represented by your gallery I feel no need to pay for the wall space, What would be your incentive to sell. I do not pay for walls”. They have contracted me several times since asking for me to send in my portfolio for review.

  2. Total scam! Do the math & you will find their fees exceed any potential sales —sales they’re not required to make because ALL their expenses are covered by fees charged to artists. No real gallerists take this place seriously. Avoid!

  3. I thoroughly checked out this Gallery’s offering. I wouldn’t touch it! Part of my communications with them was to ask important business questions including total number of paintings sold in the last year from their Gallery, quantities of average / largest / smallest sized paintings sold in the last year, and quantities of average / highest / lowest priced paintings sold in the last year. They completely ignored my questions (which I was asking in order to determine if my current painting collection sizes and prices fell within their most popular actual sales records so I could determine if showing in their Gallery was a good fit for my inventory) and continued to attempt to “sell” me on their service!

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